Welcome to the Center for AI Learning

Wherever you are on your AI journey, you’ve come to the right place. Part of Emory's AI.Humanity initiative, our Center serves as a community home for AI literacy and integration, bringing Emory students, scholars, and staff together with our global community of partners to pave the way to the future.

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Our Mission

We provide services and resources to promote AI literacy, integration, and collaboration. Our focus is on facilitating interdisciplinary research, experiential learning, and community leadership in AI. Our services and resources are open to everyone in the community, empowering individuals to apply AI in their research, work, and daily life.

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What We Do

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Skill Building

Our basic literacy and advanced deep-dive workshops help community members at every skill level learn when, where, how, and why to use AI.

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We help community members with real-time support on AI-related projects through our help desk services.

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Experiential Learning

Our corporate, nonprofit, government, and research partners generate projects where faculty and students can apply AI to achieve professional and experiential learning objectives.

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AI.Humanity Community

We provide a home for Emory’s thriving community of AI-focused faculty, students, staff, and partners.

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